Chorley Well Represented at Accrington Pals Service

Chorley was well represented at the Accrington Pals valedictory service held at St. John’s Church, Accrington on Sunday, 20th February.

It commemorated the 96th anniversary of the Accrington Pals Battalion leaving Lancashire on the 23rd February 1915, to go off to war.

Chorley Pals Memorial Trustees Steve Williams and John Garwood represented the charity, whilst Stan Dickinson was there as Secretary of the Chorley & District Ex-Services Association along with their standard bearer, Peter Storry.

In the congregation were Sister Paschal and Sister Francis (Catherine Calderbank), the latter being the daughter of Chorley Pal, Henry Calderbank.

The Mayor of Chorley, Cllr. Ken Ball represented the town, joining mayors from other Lancashire boroughs.

The sermon was preached by Rev. Tim Wilby, a former Army Chaplain and currently vicar of St. George’s Church in Chorley; he also officiated at the unveiling ceremony for the Chorley Pals Memorial last year.