An Under-Aged Pal

Chorley Pal James Snailham was underage when he enlisted at Chorley in September 1914.

James Snailham

James Snailham

He was born to his mother, Ellen, in Brindle near Chorley on the 13th March 1898 being baptised in the parish church on the 24th April.

James lived at 10 Dickinson Terrace in Whittle-le-Woods and worshiped at St. John’s Church in the village, playing in their football team.

Upon enlisting, he was working at Swansey Mill in Whittle-le-Woods, along with another Chorley Pal – Private Joseph Sharples from Clayton-le-Woods.

James Snailham served as 15349, reaching the rank of Corporal, and went over the top at Serre on the morning of the 1st July 1916.

He was wounded in the legs and arm and was treated at a Manchester hospital.

After recovering he was transferred to the 6th Battalion of the East Lancashire Regiment where he served in Mesopotamia and was taken ill, spending two years in hospital in India.

He was demobilized on the 19th December 1919 and return to Swansey Mill before going into insurance.

He then owned and ran a grocers shop on Chorley Old Road, Whittle-le-Woods until he retired in 1963; he died in Yorkshire in October 1991.

Steve Williams