BROMLEY, James Pte. 16004

James Bromley was, in 1914, a Collier at Chorley Colliery and lived at 14 Beacon Street, attending Sacred Heart Church.

Born in the town in 1891, he was living with his widowed mother, Margaret, at 54 Brooke Street in Chorley during 1901; he was one of six children. By 1911, he was living with his brother David (and his family) at 9 Clarence Street and working as a Piercer in a Cotton Mill (although his three brothers were all Miners).

James was wounded at Serre on the 1st July 1916, being treated back in the U.K. at a hospital in Leeds and was wounded again on the 25th October 1917, being treated in London. He was wounded for a third time on the 21st September 1918, receiving wounds to the head and chest. James was also known to have been gassed and had Trench Fever.

A James Bromley was recorded as marrying Winifred Doherty at Chorley during 1918; they had two children, David and Dorothy.