Chorley Pal’s Photograph Sent From Australia

Cpl. Gilbert Stringfellow MM

Cpl. Gilbert Stringfellow MM

Details and a photograph of a Chorley Pal who fought on the Somme battlefield have been sent from Australia, courtesy of the internet.

His details were spotted on our website by his grandson, 57 year old Peter Stringfellow in Melbourne, who forwarded a photograph of him from 1915.

Corporal Gilbert Stringfellow was wounded at Serre on the 1st July 1916 with the Chorley Pals, and won a Military Medal on Easter Monday 1917 for single-handedly capturing nine Germans at Feuchy, near Arras in northern France.

The Chorley born solider was a miner at Chorley Colliery and lived on Moor Road, before joining the Pals; he worshipped at St. George’s Church. He didn’t return to live in Chorley after the war, marrying a girl from Gt. Yarmouth in 1918 and raising a family of five in the nearby Caister-on-Sea.

His page under our A – Z section has updated accordingly.