New picture of the Chorley Pals found

A photograph of some of the men from the Chorley Pals Company dating back to 1915 has emerged, courtesy of Andrew Jackson, the author of the Accrington Pals website

The Chorley Pals in 1915

The Chorley Pals in 1915
Picture used by kind permission of Andrew Jackson


It shows Sgt. 16011 Thomas Grimshaw (front row, 2nd from left), Cpl. 15956 William Clarkson (middle row, 4th from left), and Cpl. 15161 George Collier (middle row, 2nd fom left).

A further look, and comparing them with photographs in our archives, it is possible that the soldier third right on the middle row is Cpl. 15643 Thomas Cornwell, third left on the back row could be Cpl. 18971 Joseph A. Thompson, the soldier second right on the front row looks like Sgt. 16019 Fred Ratcliffe, whilst the soldier next to him (at the end of the front row) bears a very striking resemblance to Sgt. 15939 Frank Marsden.