James Creaps was in the Chorley Guardian list of local men joining the Chorley Pals in September 1914.

However, there is no such name as ‘Creaps’ on the Census returns, nationally, in 1901 or 1911. A James Heaps is listed on the 1911 Census as being born in Charnock Richard in 1891 and living at Chorley Lane in the village; he was the son of William and Emily, being one of six children. The Census recorded that he worked in a Colliery (probably at Welch Whittle, nearby). However, little else is known but he certainly did not go to Caernarvon with the Pals in February 1915.

Other Information: His brother, John Heaps of Cowling Farm in Charnock Richard joined the Machine Gun Corps in 1918; he did not serve abroad.