FAIRWEATHER, Orumund Pte. 20971

Orumund Fairweather

Orumund Fairweather

Orumund Fairweather was born in Church near Accrington in 1893, the eldest of three children of Fanny and David / Davis Fairweather.

He was an Iron Moulder before he joined the Pals on the 4th June 1915, serving as a Stretcher Bearer and playing in the Band.

Orumund was wounded at Serre on the 1st July 1916, losing some fingers on his left hand. This facilitated him being discharged from the Army on the 8th January 1917, being given the Silver War (Wound) Badge number 109591. Orumud saw his best friend, Private Carswell Entwisle, killed at Serre on the 1st July but refused to tell Carswell’s mother how he died, despite her many appeals (he simply refused, finding it too horrific to describe).

He married Gertrude Green at St. Peter’s Church in Chorley in 1918 (first name given as Ormond in the Register); they had one son, Kenneth. At some stage before or after the war he lived at 25 Stump Lane in Chorley.

Despite his injury to his hand, Orumund became a bus driver after the war; he died in 1966.