GRIMSHAW, Thomas Sgt. 16011

Thomas Grimshaw

Thomas Grimshaw

Thomas Grimshaw saw action in South Africa during the Boer War, having enlisted in Liverpool on the 10th March 1899 into the Scots Guards.

He had married Ellen Smalley at St. George’s Church in Chorley on the 23rd April 1898; they eventually had five children. They lived at 16 Brindle Street but his wife moved to 5 Beacon Street in the town sometime in May 1916.

He was born in 1879 and worked as a Collier at Chorley Colliery before joining the Pals.

Thomas Grimshaw was killed during the attack at Serre on the 1st July 1916. He was seen with serious wounds in a shell hole in No Man’s Land by Private Alfred Higham. His body was eventually recovered after the Germans withdrew from Serre in early 1917 and he now lies in Queen’s Cemetery overlooking Mark Copse at Serre.