MILTON, James Clymo Major OBE, MBE

James Milton

James Milton

James Milton was responsible for raising the Chorley Pals Company at the outbreak of the war, being appointed Captain on the 11th September 1914 and Major on the 15th January 1915.

He was not given the opportunity of leading the Chorley men over the top on the 1st July 1916, having been transferred on medical grounds to the War Office a month earlier (although some accounts say he was transferred to Brigade HQ behind the lines on the Somme). The Chorley Weekly News reported on the 12th August 1916 that Major Milton had been promoted to Bristol for Staff duty. He later served as Provost Marshall in Ireland, being awarded the M.B.E in the King’s Birthday’s Honours List on the 3rd June 1919 and the O.B.E. on the 1st January 1923.

James Milton was born in Madron near Penzance, Cornwall in 1869. A Solicitor (like his father), he was married to Lillian and had two daughters; they lived at Russell Square in Chorley, attending St. Peter’s Church. James Milton also served on Chorley Council. He returned to Chorley in 1921 and resumed his Solicitor’s practice, then moved to Droitwich in Worcestershire; he died on the 14th April 1931.

Other Information: James Milton was the eldest of seven brothers, all of whom fought in the First World War.