PILKINGTON, Joseph Pte. 15166

Joseph Pilkington was born in Chorley 1887 and was recorded on the 1911 Census as living at 12 Eaves Lane with his cousin, Frank Pickles. He married Jane Waterworth at St. James’ Church in Chorley in 1914, living at 10 Pennine Road in the town; they worshipped at St. James’. Before enlisting in the Pals he worked at Chorley Bleachworks, returning there after the war.

Joseph served in the Pals and was at Serre in July 1916. He was wounded in the legs by shrapnel in September 1917, being treated at Barnbo near Port Sunlight on the Wirral, before returning to his unit. He was second man to Sergeant J.J. Moore on a Lewis Gun when the latter won his Military Medal at Ayette on the 27th March 1918. Joseph, however, returned his war medals in the 1920s, being upset with the way he was treated by the Government after the war.

He died in 1951, aged 65; his sons Ronald and William were still living in the town in 2009.

Other Information: His son Ronald reclaimed his father’s medals after he died.